With all other specultaions of ex boyfriend, Yuvraj SIngh dating Deepika Pundokone, Preity ZInta and now Riya Sen, Kim Sharma thought sh might let the world know she is currently dating A HUMAN BEING.
Who she thinks is so much sexier and sportier that Yuvraj Singh. Well, so so..we can’t be bothered with Z LISTERS.
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June 28, 2008

Yuvraj Singh`s Bollywood fixation refuses to end. After a series of link-ups with several leading ladies from Kim Sharma to Deepika Padukone and more recently Preity Zinta, the latest to catch swashbuckling southpaw fantasy is Riya Sen.

Yuvraj was seen with his new arm candy from tinsel town in a private party in Mumbai before Yuvraj left for the Asia Cup in Pakistan. And after some cozy moments, they reportedly left the gathering and quietly slipped into Yuvraj`s car.

Yuvi was also seen with Riya`s elder sister Raima at a fashion show, earlier this year. But while that may have been a platonic relationship, coming close on the heels of his rumored break-up with Deepika Padukone, his well known liaison with Kim Sharma was never in doubt.

A prince on the field, he surely knows how to bowl maidens over off it as well.


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