Zac Efron recently said that he’s attracted to “girls” with “hips.”

Zac said, “I don’t know the exact measurements but I like curvy girls – girls with hips. I’m also huge on legs. I love girls with nice, long, sexy legs. I don’t always find myself dating super-skinny girls. It’s not all about what you look like, it’s so much more. I know it sounds really cheesy but it’s more about what’s on the inside when you’re dating a girl.”

Zac also said that he would be willing to pack on the pounds himself for the right roll, “I would go pretty far with putting on weight, but not too far. For the movie ‘Hairspray’, I put on between nine and 13lbs, mainly from the dancing and training. I ate lots of protein too, like chicken nuggets. I bulked up because if you look at stars from the 60s, like Elvis Presley, they didn’t work out in the gym and I wanted to capture that look.”

We don’t know what to believe anymore.

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June 24, 2008

She’s setting the record straight! Vanessa Hudgens has spoken out about that crazy rumor that her boyfriend, Zac Efron, isn’t a fan of showers.

About those “reports,” she told Newsweek, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Whoever came up with that is completely idiotic. He showers! He showers! Believe me, he does.”

Ok we believe you. Really in all the bushiness of your pubes that w can muster.And Zec, whether you smell of Chanel or swea, we will still be awed at the fact that you have an immaculate technique of powdering your nose like a real woman.
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A source on the sets of High School Musical 3 told Star Magazine that Zac Efron hates showering.

The source said, “Zac isn’t a big fan of showering. It’s so gross, because Zac loves to work out and plays basketball all the time — and then goes days without showering. When he gets lazy, he likes to clean himself with baby wipes!”
Yes baby wipes, the lavender scented ones.
Vanessa Hudgens does not like baby wipes. Seen her bloody pubes?
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May 12, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Zac Efron share a sweet kiss as the fans watch the Los Angeles Lakers play the Utah Jazz during overtime of Game 4 of the NBA basketball Western Conference semifinal series on Sunday in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Zanessa was seen holding their hands to their hearts during the Star Spangled Banner. Vanessa was also seen resting her head on Zac’s shoulder and Zac had his hand around his leading lady most of the game, as well.
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Showing some skin on the sets of High School Musical 3. Isn’t he a little bit to old for that?
He should be in gay movies like ight now. Everybody’s doing it. Sean penn, Ewan Mcgregor, Jim Carrey, James Franco, the late HEath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhall, Ian Somerhalder, Wenworth Miller…ooops that came out unknowingly.
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Admit It

March 24, 2008

Admit it perv. We think he is hot too. He wears a little bit too much makeup than a regular drag queen, but he is hot. Is he still with that Vanessa cunt? Cause we will devour him any moment.

Stills from his upcoming movie 17 Again.

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This picture surfaced on the net about what may look like Zac Efron kissing another hottie dude. So is he gay or not. Quick, we are waiting for the press conference. Then that Vanessa bitch can shove up her nude pics up her ass.

So what do you think? Is it him? Or not?

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January 28, 2008

Ok darling, there is such a thing as too much foundation. It looks like it is going to melt from your face into brown water droplets if you stay long enough at the red carpet.

Is that a new skin coloured lip-gloss? Tell us where you get it. Please.

Oh Zac, Vanessa took a nude picture of herself so that you can tell her whether she should trim her pubes just like yours darling. Did you ever think she liked you? Gay boy.

Here is Zac looking pretty at the SAG Awards

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